Getting The Most Out Of Your Reductil

In this section, we consider how you can get the most out of your reductil whilst using it and provide some common guidance as expressed by existing users.

Whilst you have already read through a fairly comprehensive reductil review over the course of this profile, this section is purely here as a means of optimising your results during your time with it.

How To Combine Reductil With A Diet Plan For The Best Results

In order to achieve optimum benefit whilst using reductil for weight loss purposes, you’re going to need to incorporate a sensible nutrition plan to guarantee efficiency.

This plan will need to revolve around a calorie deficit of between 250 – 500 in order to ensure that your body is taking in less calories than it needs to sustain its current body weight.

In order to figure out how many calories you need to take in on a daily basis, you simply need to head to Select the daily calorie total calculator from the menu on the left hand side of the page, then proceed to answer all of the questions honestly.

You’ll then be presented with a calorie total for fat loss, extreme fat loss, maintenance and muscle gain. If you’re following a general weight loss plan, use a calorie total that lies somewhere between fat loss and extreme fat loss (roughly 500 calories less than your suggested maintenance intake.)

If you’re planning to perform a bodybuilding-cutting phase, use the standard fat loss total.

For those who are simply looking to lose weight, there is no need to do anything else at this point other than follow your daily calorie total whilst ensuring that your meals consist of lean protein sources, low GI carbohydrates, healthy fats (omega 3 and 6) and plenty of green and leafy vegetables.

Those who wish to perform a bodybuilding cut must now head onto the daily nutrient total calculator and enter their chosen calorie number into the space at the top. Select the “low” carb nutrient split. Now scroll down and state how many meals you wish to split your calories / nutrients into per day.

Once you have done this, you will be presented with a macronutrient split for each meal – this split will include the relevant grams of protein needed to maintain muscle mass provided you answered your questions correctly on the previous page.

It would be wise to calculate your protein grams per pound of bodyweight amount prior to following the plan just to ensure that you were indeed ingesting the right amount of protein.

Should the nutrient level (in regards specifically to protein) be slightly “under” your necessary amount (remember it needs to be between .8 – 1 gram per pound of bodyweight), simply bump the figure up a little. It’ll already be very close.

In this instance too your meals should contain the exact same nutrient choices (i.e green and leafy vegetables and lean protein) as previously mentioned for those who are slimming only.

Should you follow either of these nutritional guidelines, it’ll be almost impossible for you to achieve no positive benefit whilst using reductil.

How To Train Whilst Using Reductil

When using any fat burning product, you’re going to need to train in such a way that you can maximise your fat burning results.

In order to do this, it’s important that you first discern precisely what end result you’re looking for.

There’s a difference between training primarily for weight loss and training to maximise muscular visibility whilst losing body fat (as per a bodybuilding cutting cycle.)

As such, we have two sets of guidelines to follow in terms of effective training procedures. They are as follows.

Training Solely For Weight Loss

When training solely for weight loss, you’ll simply need to perform a minimum of three 30-minute steady state cardiovascular sessions per week.

When weight loss begins to stall, you should increase these sessions by 5 minutes each until you overcome your plateau and begin to lose again.

You should keep increasing in this fashion until you have reached three one hour sessions per week, after which you can add in a fourth day. You can keep progressing in this fashion until you have achieved your overall weight goal.

Training Whilst On A Bodybuilding Cut

When your primary goal is to maximise muscular visibility, you’re going to need to perform between four to five resistance training sessions per week focusing on all of the individual body parts.

In conjunction with this, you should also perform three separate 30-minute cardiovascular sessions per week as per the standard “weight loss” guidelines.

It’s crucial that your resistance sessions adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All exercises must be performed for between 8 – 10 reps
  • All exercises must be performed for between 5 – 6 sets
  • Try to adhere to a rest period of between 30 – 60 seconds maximum in between sets
  • Ensure that 80% of the exercises are isolation movements and the other 20% are compound movements
  • Always ensure that you only ever use a weight that you can control and utilise with perfect form

At the beginning of your cut, it’s crucial that you get a body fat percentage reading in conjunction with the weight of your lean muscle tissue in either pounds or kg.

The idea is that on a weekly basis, your body fat percentage drops and your lean muscle tissue ideally stays the same. Whilst your lean mass levels will not remain exactly the same throughout, the idea is that you try to keep this figure as “stable” as possible until the end of your cut.

Should you find that your fat levels are not dropping, you simply need to increase your cardio progressively in the fashion stated in the weight loss section.

If you find that your levels of lean tissue drop in conjunction with the reduction in fat, this simply means that you need to introduce a little more protein into the mix (try adding 10 extra grams per day initially.)

When your mass levels stabilise again (in conjunction with the fat reduction) this means that you’re on the right track.

It might sound a little complex, but this is truly the best way to ensure that you do not lose muscle as your body fat reduces.

The Detection Time Of Reductil

The detection time of reductil is largely negligible – this makes it incredibly unique amongst the performance-enhancing world.The reason why its negligible is because reductil doesn’t actually show up in urine tests. It may register as an amphetamine based product, but it will not show up as a substance in its own right.

This theoretically means that you can take reductil without any risk.

Bear in mind though that in the unlikely event that the testers chose to further discern what your positive “amphetamine” sample really was, they could specifically search for reductil.

As such, it may be prudent of you to bear in mind that the half-life of this product is roughly 16 hours. This means that it will likely be out of your system fully (provided you do not continue to administer it) within two to three weeks.

With the risk being minimal
, you may simply wish to proceed with a drugs test without ceasing use. For those who wish to make double sure that they do not face any repercussions though; simply apply to the above guidelines.



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