Reductil Before and After

If you are keen on bodybuilding, then one thing you seriously have to look after, is your weight.Your Body Mass Index (BMI) should be less than 27, if your BMI is greater than 27 you are overweight and if your BMI is equal to or greater than 30 you are deemed to be obese. While a proper, healthy diet and regular exercise is advisable for anyone looking to lose weight, there are situations where this alone will not be enough to lose sufficient weight.

In this case, using a weight reducing medication like Sibutramine hydrochloride or otherwise known as Reductil would suffice.


Joanne’s Reductil Story

At the age of 28, Joanne decided that she needed to make defining changes in her life.

Joanne had a BMI of 28 which put her in the category of people that are overweight. She had made a conscious effort to lose weight by not chowing down on high fat and calorie foods. Also, with the help of a friend, Joanne had dedicated herself to a scheduled workout regime. In fact, she had decided to commit to bodybuilding, but only after she could lose some weight.

Joanne’s Reductil Cycle

Joanne met with her doctor and after a thorough examination, she was cleared to start a Reductil cycle. Her doctor had prescribed an initial Reductil dosage of a single 10mg tablet per day for a period of 4 weeks.

However, before her doctor prescribed Reductil, Joanne’s medical history had to be thoroughly scrutinised. She had to be checked and cleared of a myriad of health issues, such as: arrhythmia, kidney and liver disorders, hyperthyroidism, and so on.

It was also important that Joanne was not pregnant or looking to get pregnant within the duration of Reductil use.

While a higher daily Reductil dosage may be prescribed, her doctor had decided to place her on a conservative daily dosage of 10mg. This was done to ensure that her body accepts and shows good tolerance to the drug while exhibiting little or NO common side effects.

Even though Joanne was initially placed on a 4 week Reductil cycle, Sibutramine hydrochloride may be administered daily for between 6 to 24 months.

Reductil Combined with Diet and Exercise

Apart from her Reductil prescription, Joanne’s doctor also advised that she engages in regular exercise (which she had already worked out with the help of a friend) and maintains a daily diet low on both calorie and fat.

The active ingredient contained in Reductil is sibutramine and this compound acts by raising both the noradrenalin and serotonin levels in a person’s brain. These two chemicals are responsible for regulating a person’s appetite by either increasing their appetite or suppressing it.

In Joanne’s case, the sibutramine in her Reductil medication caused her to experience a feeling of satiety.

In addition to this, Joanne’s Reductil medication increased her resting metabolism, which is the volume of energy she consumes whilst in a state of rest. Due to the fact that her food intake had dramatically reduced, her resting metabolic rate or RMR had also reduced meaning that the rate at which her body was burning food had slowed down. Ordinarily, this would have been detrimental to her quest to shed weight. However, with her Reductil intake, she was able to counteract this negative effect to her weight loss campaign.




reductil before and after

Joanne’s Reductil Side Effects and Results

Like most medications, Reductil has its side effects. Joanne experienced some of the common side effects of the drug including; dryness of the mouth, mild constipation, and a loss of appetite.

Nevertheless, the side effects she experienced during the duration of her Reductil intake was nothing compared to the results. In just the second week of use, her BMI had dropped from 28 to 26.2 and by the fourth week her BMI had dropped even further to 24.5. Within a 4 week cycle Joanne had achieved her first goal in her bodybuilding pursuit of reaching a normal BMI status.

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