How should Reductil be taken

Are you concerned that you might be overweight? Do you want to kick-off a bodybuilding cutting cycle and you are not too sure about what medication to use?

It may interest you to know that there is one prescription drug that can help you to get your Body Mass Index (BMI) down to a normal level.

This drug is known by its generic name as sibutramine hydrochloride or better known by the product name of Reductil.

In this article, you will get to know why, when and how this schedule 4 medication should be taken.

Why Is Reductil Used?

Reductil is a medication used to combat weight related health concerns. This prescription medication is recommended for both overweight and obese patients.

The Body Mass Index or BMI for a normal weight status falls between 18.5 and 24.9. However, the BMI for an overweight individual ranges from 25.0 to 29.9 while for an obese person it is 30.0 and over.

Using this drug will help patients with weight issues to regulate their weight and achieve normalcy.

When should Sibutramine Hydrochloride be Consumed

Sibutramine hydrochloride is available in tablet form and can be used before or after a meal. This drug is well tolerated by the body and should not cause any discomfort even when used on an empty stomach.

Reductil should also be orally consumed after being prescribed by a qualified medical doctor. It is important to get a prescription for the drug rather than consume it without one, as your medical history is a determining factor to whether you should use it or not.

How to use Reductil

Doctors would normally prescribe a Reductil dosage of 10mg to be taken daily over a course of between 16 and 24 days.

This is a typical Reductil cycle especially for someone that is overweight and not obese. However, for an obese person this Reductil dosage can be titrated by the doctor to 15mg per day for a period of 24 days.

As mentioned before, Reductil is administered orally and can be taken before or after you have eaten. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take the drug at regular hours during the day. For example, if you start by administering the drug at 10:00am in the morning, it would be advisable to stick with this timeline. So every morning for the duration of the Reductil cycle, you should consistently take the medication at 10:00am.



Reductil should also be taken along with the observance of a strict dietary regime devoid of high fat and high calorie foods. In addition, you should also incorporate a well coordinated workout and training schedule.

Regular exercise and a good eating habit will help the medication to flourish and you should see your weight drop to within a normal BMI in no time at all.

On a final note, before you take Reductil, ensure that you do not have any underlying health problems that could be aggravated with the use of the drug.

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